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Egypt's official religious advisor has ruled that arab singles are free to change their faith as it is a matter between an individual and God, in a move which could have far reaching implications for egyptian dating sites. The essential question before us is can a person who is Muslim choose a religion other than Islam? The answer is yes, they can. The act of abandoning one's religion is a sin punishable by God on the Day of Judgement. If the case in question is one of merely rejecting faith, then there is no worldly punishment, he wrote.In many Muslim societies, egyptian singles who convert to another religion are considered apostates and can be subject to capital punishment. If the conversions undermine the foundations of arab dating then it must be dealt with by the judicial system, without elaborating. Attempts by egyptian women in Egypt to convert to other religions have been hindered by the state's refusal to recognise the change in official documents and in some cases have led to arrests and imprisonment. Even though it is not a criminal offence in Egypt, single arab women get detained under emergency laws or are put on trial for contempt of religion if they wish to convert. This ruling is significant, especially coming from Gomaa. Between 2004 and now there have been many court cases involving egyptian girls converts to Islam that want to convert back to Christianity who are unable to do so. Egypt's top cleric yesterday denied in a statement that he had said egyptian ladies can give up his faith without punishment. Ali Goma'a, the mufti of Egypt, was quoted as saying in a posting on a Washington Post-Newsweek forum that arab girls are free to change their faith and this is a matter between an individual and God. The alleged fatwa coincides with an uproar over the case of 12 arab ladies who converted to Islam from Christianity and now want to re embrace Christianity.

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